Why Do Projects Fail?

Lets be under no illusion projects do fail and it is important to understand why to ensure this does not continue to happen. This blog will look at key factors and explain. No clarity Often projects start with a clear goal and very clear requirements however, this often changes when more requirements are being added […]

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DevOps: Agile On Steroids

What Is DevOps? DevOps is a relatively new and many industry leaders see this as an extension of agile due to it’s emergence coming from two major agile trends. The first trend being agile system administration or agile operations which was extending agile to operations teams. The second was the need of collaboration between the […]

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Why Too Much Documentation kills Agile

This blog will talk about the importance of efficiency especially in software development circles. It is essential to only complete tasks that add value in a software development area. The Agile manifesto states working software over documentation and this blog will go into detail about why that is the preferred approach within Agile. Whats the […]

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