5 ways to handle difficult team members

We have all encountered team members that can be difficult in the work place. What is important is your attitude towards these members, ensuring that you remain professional.

Lets look at 5 tips to handle these situations.

1. Show empathy 

When a team member is annoyed about something try to see what could be the reason. Do they feel unappreciated? Are they fustrated? When you try to understand their pain you will be better able to handle the situation maturely.

2. Listen to them 

When you listen to the other person you are breaking down the walls and as a result making the other person more likely to open up to you. Once you listen you are more likely to find the root of the problem and come up with a solution.

3. Speak privately 

When a member of a team appears troubled it is best to speak to them on a one to one basis and build that trust. It seems simple but, it is a good way to handle situations. If the difficult person feels you are trying to embarrass them publically this could cause long term problems which would not be good.

4. Positive body language

When you project a positive body language it can make the difficult person more relaxed and reduces negativity in the working environment which may help towards finding a good solution. Its all about positive energy and attitude.

5. Dont expect to be liked

When your new to a team in particular you must not expect to be liked by everyone however, if you are not well recieved in a team keep delivering to the best of your ability because respect can be built over time.


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