Key Principles of Stakeholder Management

This blog will give you an insight into stakeholder management and the key topics that will be highlighted are;

  • Communication
  • Remember they are human
  • Build Rapport
  • Compromise
  • Take responsibility


In the first instance to influence stakeholders it is crucial to first seek to understand their desires and concerns in order to create the right outcome.

2. Remember they are human

When communicating with stakeholders you need to understand that people can get emotional when it comes to expressing their point of view. People may come with selfish agendas and therefore, you cannot expect that you will be able to predict their behaviour.

3. Build Rapport

Commit your energy to understanding your stakeholders and ensure they can trust you and feel comfortable raising their concerns. Find common ground and get to know what their interest are as this will help build that level of understanding.

4. Compromise

Your stakeholders will all have varying views so it is important to find where there is a clear consensus among the stakeholders. When a clear consensus has been created its important to get the priority order agreed among the stakeholders to achieve the desired outcome.

5. Take responsibility

Ensure you have obtained and asked the right questions that you need to get the correct requirements and desired outcome from all of your stakeholders.


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