Three Skills Critical To Be A Good BA In 2017

This blog will highlight three important skills that a BA must have to be able to  add value to a new or an existing project.

1. Understand the basics 

In order for a BA to be resourceful in whatever project they are assigned to they need to be; good communicators, be able to think critically, and need to be able to ask the right questions to obtain the information needed to progress an epic or a feature within a project.

2. Grow their use of tools 

There are never enough tools that a BA can understand and a good BA will be able to use the best placed tool for the business objective/meeting that they are working on. A good BA can also advise if meetings can be done in a more effective way and techniques to obtain the most necessary information from a meeting.

3. Resourceful 

A good BA even if they do not know the answer will find out through good communication the people in the business they need to speak to. A good BA will ensure they know the current templates and the business goal of the business and from there build their own work templates around that.


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