Why Kanban Works In The Software Development Industry

In this blog the topic will discuss the benefits of using Kanban principles in an Agile environment. Kanban has been used for decades in other industries such as the car industry and has now been simplified to work in the IT industry as well.

Why use kanban? 

Kanban is used because it enables the development team to not over estimate on their ability to complete work. Kanban matches its work in progress (WIP) to its teams capacity. Kanban uses a; to do, in progress and a completed board concept. Kanban can use virtual boards or physical boards with post it notes to show the work across a particular sprint or even across a whole project of work. .

The key advantages of Kanban 

Kanban is useful because by managing the work in progress to team capacity this enables the team to have; flexible planning options, faster output, clearer focus, and transparency throughout the development cycle.


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