What Questions Should A Business Analyst Be Asking Stakeholders

This blog will look at the sort of questions that a Business Analyst (BA) should be asking when speaking to stakeholders. It is very important that a BA asks the right sort of questions to obtain accurate information.

1. What are the biggest challenges in your role? 

This enables the BA to be able to understand what the difficulties are and why this potential project being proposed will add value. Asking a question such as this also allows you to identify organisation type problems and enables you to handle them effectively when working on a new project.

2. What changes are happening internally and externally that could effect the project? 

It is important to ask stakeholders that actually understand what could effect a project in the organisation from the; legal, technological, and political side in order to ensure projects run smoothly and reduces the chances of the project being pulled. Many projects run the risk of collapsing because they run in silos and fail to appreciate the importance of being able to adapt to other project pressures.

3. Describe how the process currently works?/What is your opinion on the current process? 

It is important to obtain as much information as you can from the subject matter experts because the more as the BA you can understand, the more insight you will have on how to do things better. It also helps to ask them what they feel of the current process because they may have really good ideas that may just need refining or ideas that you did not think about that could also add value to the new project.


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