Developer And Business Analyst Communication Part 1

In most IT organisations there are teams that comprise of Business Analyst and developers, the communication between these two sets of groups is very key. When a Developers (Dev) understands the business context and the Business Analyst (BA) understands the technical difficulties the implementation for the application/software will be appropriate; thus producing quality software with the aid of software engineering principles. Undoubtedly, there will be issues that are not foreseen but if BAs and Devs are constantly communicating then these issues can be taken care of relatively quickly. From a Developer’s standpoint there are a few ways in which you can improve your communication with BAs.

Appropriate Terminology

As a developer we often forget that most BAs aren’t as technical as developers. So, expressing your views using technical terms can lead to BAs continually asking questions as they didn’t understand first time round. This can waste time as meetings need to be booked to go through what should have been understood in previous meetings.

As a Dev the first way in which you can fill this gap and prevent time from being wasted is by using more business friendly terms. However, if this isn’t possible it’s good to use analogies as there’ll be a common denominator which brings clarification between both parties.


Presenting demos to BAs is a very important form of communication, as these demos show a working software in which the BA can see whether the acceptance criteria has been met. Off the back of these demos improvement can be found which can steer the direction of the next feature.

Over a period of time as the team matures BAs and Devs communication will start to be smoother and there will not be a need to explain things as thorougher. Developers will be able to use these technical terms as BAs will have analogies to put to them. In short, BAs and Dev can conclude that the piece of working software produced will be of quality as understanding of the product is clear.


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