Developer And Business Analyst Communication Part 2

This blog will go into more detail around techniques and tools that Business Analysts can use to ensure they are being understood amongst developers. This especially holds true for situations where there are various journey flows that need to be considered which generally means it can be a complex piece of work.

Process Flow Diagrams

One of the ways Business Analysts can explain processess to developers is via the use of process flow diagrams. This is very effective because via accurate; start points, end points and explanations of each step with clearly detailed decision points, this breaks down the whole experience from start to finish. This enables the developers to understand if there are any gaps that need to be filled or other factors such as error state messages that may need to be considered.

Use Case Diagrams 

This is another good visual aid that can be used to communicate the interaction that can take place in relation to a particular software/application. This diagram consists of a; system boundary, a set number of users and various lines being attached to a particular interaction with the software/application within the system boundary. This is used to understand how the user interacts and help the developers understand what the software is able to do. These use case diagrams tend to be drawn step by step because this is alot easier for the developers to follow in comparison to combing these steps together.


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