How To Do Requirement Elicitation – Part 1

This blog will look at two useful elicitation techniques that Business Analysts (BAs) use to obtain information and most importantly how to do it properly. Requirement Elicitation is an active effort to extract information from stakeholders and subject matter experts (SME).


When setting up a Brainstorming session ensure there is a time limit. This should be a visual excercise where the partcipants use something such as post it notes to write their ideas and place them on a white board. The size of these meetings should be from (6-8) people. Ensure there are clear ground rules; a way to rate ideas and limit the amount of evaluation going on in these meetings as Brainstorming is about highlighting and then categotising those ideas in order of prority.

It is important that you;

              “Encourage the partcipants to

                write down as many ideas as

                they can.”


When interviewing ask questions geared towards uncovering information. Formal or informal type questions can be used. Open ended questions should be used to find information and gaps while close ended questions should confirm and validate.  A successful interview will be so because the interviewer has conducted proper research around the interviewee(s). The interviewee needs to also feel relaxed in order to provide the information you want therefore, as the interviewer there is no harm in asking whether the interviewee would like some water or coffee etc.

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