Scrum Stand-up Meeting Best Practices

Scrum is an agile software development model based on multiple small teams working in an intensive and interdependent manner. Stands up meetings are a form of meeting that take place within the scrum development model and this blog will be talking about improving this.

Some say daily stand up meetings are not needed and delay developers and testers from completing work however, if this meeting is implemented correctly it can add alot of value to all members of the team. The real question is how can these meetings become more effective? Below will explain four ways to improve these meetings.

1. Ensure all members are standing up 

In order to obtain the most from a meeting ensure all members are standing up in this meeting. This will help the team to get energised to talk to prevent the ‘another working morning meeting’ effect.

2. The team members should be asking themselves certain questions

In order to gain the most from these meetings the Agile team should be asking these sort of questions below to gain an understanding of the team progress.

What tasks did you complete yesterday?  

What will you be working on today? 

What factors blocked or slowed down development? 

It is constructive for team members to be able to ask themselves questions and to understand where they can help each other if they have spare capacity. This enables the teams efficiency to improve.

3. There needs to be visual aids to display work in progress and completed tasks 

The Agile team benefit when they are talking about completed work or work in progress to refer to something visual such as Jira, to display completed tasks or in progress via something like a Kanban board or simply a physical board depending on team dynamics as this easily demonstrates exactly where members of the team are with their assigned work.

4. Ice Breakers can work to lift team members moods 

Working within the software development/tech industry can be stressful and sometimes a more engaging start to a meeting can make things work better. Lifting the mood at the start of the day may even increase the amount of completed work in the end.


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