Understanding Organisational Impediments And How To Handle Them

In big organisations in particular there are various complex aspects that will effect the fluidity of projects and could slow down progress. It is important to know what they are and prepare for them accordingly. This blog will explain what some of them are and how to handle them.

 Lack of training 

Sami Lilja, global coordinator of agile development activities at Nokia Siemens Networks, noticed that some organizations seem to consider learning a waste of time and money.

In organisations some departments are not given as much funding as they should be potentially due to cost saving strategies that are being advised. This can be counterproductive because there can be instances where members of the team are under qualified to perform some tasks causing a problem in the long term. It is good practice if you do see this lack of skill set within your team to be vocal about it and advise management the benefits of a particular type of training to output and other key performance indicators.

Single functioning teams 

One of the key barriers to efficiency as well as implementing Agile is the lack of interconnection between teams. It was stated by (Ratcliffe and McNeil, 2012) that one problem with this approach is it can introduce functional bias. It creates functional bias because it creates the view only that area understands what is going on in enough depth. If you are within an organisation that still works in that way encourage communication with other areas to gradually build cross functional tasks.

Unrealistic goals 

In many organisations high level managers broadcast their vision for the company for the year ahead. In some cases these goals are very hard to reach and can create great strain on the team month on month. It is essential for the team to look at their velocity and team capacity and realistically make predictions based on that instead of wishing on  very optimistic estimations. This allows the team to have something they are striving towards.


Over reliance on one software 

One of the major factors that effect a lot of organisations is their over reliance on one software package. If the system is down because there is no set and sorted back up software system the organisation suffers due to over dependance, a good example is when a tool such as Jira is down. The requirement procedures are being halted and the reports created by the scrum master are being delayed added to this, development will also be delayed because developers are unable to work against the requirements. It is important to have hard copies of important pieces of work and to save work in your personal work space to ensure in times of need that you are still productive and able to add value in an Agile environment.

Final Overview 

It is essential to under any circumstance understand big organisations have weak points and to prepare accordingly.  It is essential to build the right team and mindsets to cope with these issues to ensure the business objectives are still being met.




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