What A Good Product Owner Looks Like In An Agile Team

In this blog we will highlight the importance of having a good product owner and the value this brings to the team. There are instances where a new producr owner is brought into the team however, this can be a disaster if the product owner does not possess the skills discussed in this blog.

Why do projects need good product owners  

Good Product owners are pivotal to development projects because of their fundamental understanding of the product. They are able to clearly communicate the business scope of the product and are able to answer majority of the technical questions around the product itself. This is needed because in the early stages the development team need to understand the value they are providing and this invokes a certain level of enthuasiasm for the project starting off. Good product owners have the ability to ask the right people for information for example, subject matter experts can be asked questions from the product owner about technicalities they are not 100% sure about, they play the lines of communication very well. Good product owners can also remind the team of the value of the product in development and bring the team back to the strategy because sometimes the teams can lose focus on the value of the product to the business and the customer.

What traits do good product owners possess

Good product owners are very knowledable about the product and know some of the technical aspects as well. Good product owners are very organised, they can visualize what they want and are able to define a good MVP (minimum viable product). They are very good at resolving conflicts because sometimes there will be conflicting views in teams and dominating personalities. A product owner needs to be able to weather the storm and come to a good consensus that will resolve the issue. Ultimately the aim is to get the product that pleases the customer and meets the expected business value it was designed for.



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