Why Every Agile Project Needs A Good Solution Designer

This blog will talk about solution designers what they are and what makes a good one. This blog will also bring to light their importance in an Agile context in particular.

What is a solution designer? 

A solution designer works on the actual solution design of a particular project before development starts to happen. The solution designer is the one who is responsible for the solution documentation and will feedback and explain what the solution changes are and how and why this new solution is better than the current solution being advised. Making the solution clear to all the required stakeholders for example the; business analysts, developers, document owners and product owners is essential to ensure all those understand the technical benefit of the solution and the proposed  value to the customer before development begins.

The solution designer needs to have a strong understanding of the subject matter in general and some solution designers may do some development work depending on their capacity and skill level.

Why you need a good solutions designer? 

It is essential that a solution designer understands the wider scope of the solution and factors this in. The solution devised needs to be within the company budget and be implemented within the advised time frame and therefore, it is important to get a well experienced solution designer to mitigate the risk of over expenditure and wasted time.

A good solution designer will help ease the burden on the whole team because they will be able to clearly explain what the solution is to all the stakeholders and provide the solution design as well. This will help the business analyst to write the necessary requirements and from there development can commence. In an Agle environment it is essential to have clear process flows and documentation to ensure the work can move quickly.



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