Key Strategies That Can Be Used To Develop Employees

In organisations whether they are large or small a key ingredient to how well a company will do in the future is based upon how they treat their employees. Google according to the Business Insider was rated the top company to work for in America (Gillet, 2016). This was stated because they know how to keep things fun and constantly innovate processes for their staff. In this blog we will state techniques an organisation can use to ensure their employees feel listened to and most of all valued.

1. Listen to an employees future desires

It is essential to book meetings with your staff on a frequent basis and show the necessary interest into what they want to do in future. Ask questions such as; where do you see yourself in five years time? Or What do you think is the next step for you career wise? It is essential in order to develop your staff to ask the right questions about their future and what they plan to do. There is no harm in advising the staff member about potentially roles they should consider to enhance their future development as well.

2. Increase an employees salary/grade based on good performance

In order for an employee to fufil their full potential they need to be rewarded for good work, this is essential. Employees need to be able to see that as they are fulfilling their obligations they are also moving up in the business by promotion of grade not just an increase in salary. Self fulfilment is one of the higher level hierachy of needs and that creates the drive for employees to achieve. Google was stated as the second highest salary provider in 2016 further showing why people want to stay at Google and develop instead of going to one of their rivals.

3.   Development workshops

It is imperative that employees are not just working but, are allowed time out of work to attend meetings that can be used to sharpen their skills.  Employees need to be challenged and also need to meet other people from around the business and network. This widens the employees perspective about the business and also potentially their understanding of how the business operations fit together.

4. Encourage employees to complete qualifications

It is important for employees to complete  qualifications and cement their understanding of their area. This will encourage employees to becoming subject matter experts in their respective disciplines will bode well for the future of their job and potentially increase promotion due to the positive information emassed.


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