How To Tell Your Team Is Not As Functional As It Should Be

In a fast moving tech environment it is essential to know whether your team is actually as functional as it should be, so that improvements can be made before big challenges come within the team or serious time pressures come.

Does your team need facilitation?

One of the tell tell signs that a team is not yet fully functional is the need for there to always be a facilitator in meetings maybe in the form of a scrum master. The scrum master in stand up meeting for example will ensure the team is moving in the right direction and keeping to the time boxed provision time that was given for that particular meeting. A functional team will not need this hold thy hand treatment because the team members are familiar with each other role and their is an understanding of the long term goal.

Does your team depend on resource from other teams?

In order for Agile to work as it should and for there to be less delays in delivery you want a team that is self organising with the skill sets required to deliver in that sprint. The problem with various teams is the over reliance on resource from other teams to help sometimes to do development work or testing data roles which slows down the pace at which tasks are completed that sprint. This causes delays mainly because these members need to be briefed properly to understand the objective and time needs to be allowed for external members to feel comfortable with the job at hand.

Is your team individualistic?

This is common for teams where there are a lot of strong egos and members that are trying to make a name for themselves. This is the last thing you want in an Agile team because the delivery of a potentially releasable product is a team priority, its not an individual priority. The best way to prevent this from happening is via proper allocation of tasks to ensure every team member takes ownership and at the same time each member feels as though they can obtain support if the work load is more than expected.



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