Obtaining Requirements For Product Development

This blog will be talking about the importance of an Agile team understanding the requirements to develop an increment or a whole product. It is essential that this is understood and also, that features and changes are likely to happen along the development journey.

What needs to be understood 

When there is a new product in particular, the product owners need to understand that first and foremost there needs to be a tolerance level. This tolerance level allows for potentially a reduction in productivity due to factors such as; team holidays, team illness and more. There also needs to be tolerance for cost factors as well to allow for extra spending in extreme circumstances. When there are extra costs this is accounted for, via the increase in story points in a development environment.

Another factor that must be understood when it comes to the requirements for product development is exactly what the goal of the development is. This needs to be clearly understood via the product owners from a visual perspective and then clearly explained to the development team. The whole team should know exactly what they are working towards when it comes to the releasable product.

The whole development team need to know that even though the releasable product may be clear, some requirements or features may change during the development stage. The team need to be able to adapt to change in the technology landscape.


It is important that product development is looked at in an Agile way because the future holds various uncertainties and as a result, even with clear goals there needs to be tolerance and openness to development change in order for a releasable product to be delivered meeting all the customers needs.


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