Why Do Projects Fail?

Lets be under no illusion projects can end if the product owner feels the sprint goal or project goal is obsolete however, what are the ways in which this can be prevented from happening. It is far better to work on large scale projects and move them forward to some time in the future if there is more investigation needed than to have large scale projects ended abruptly wasting time and resource.

No clarity

Often projects start with a clear goal and very clear requirements however, this often changes when more requirements are being added to the project and are not being put in order of priority based on what needs to be done first and what can be done later. To prevent this from happening it is the product owners responsibility to ensure that if the business want to add new requirements to meet customer needs the development team know what they are doing and have a good technical understanding. Also, the development team need to ensure they are not afraid of pushing back on any requirements if they do not have an understanding or feel this will add value.

Starting too early 

Especially when a project is unique there are a lot of people excited within an organisation however, there is a danger that before a project is ready with clearly defined requirements the project goes into development. Due to a lack of proper planning and without projects going through the inception phase money is wasted on the wrong things and misunderstandings occur amongst the teams and the actual value created around the project has been lost.

Over budget 

Initially when calculations are made for projects there are times that stakeholders can make major underestimates however,  this can completely damage the chances of a project reaching the stage of completion. Even with a tolerance when inaccurate estmations are being made this kills the chances of the project reaching completion. It can be hard to make good estimations when there is new technology in the picture however, it is better to make over estimations than underestimations causing the whole project to fail.


In this blog we have highlighted three reasons why alot of projects that had a promising future failed to deliver any value and also pin pointed the importance of product owners working well with the development team. It is essential that all organisations are aware of these factors and play cautious when needed.


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