Process Model

We will be explaining our first process model and how you can implement this within your company to set up new processes. This model has some similarities to the kolb learning model however, this is focused on process implementation and will add value if used correctly.

See our process model below;

process diagram

We believe for there to be proper implementation all six stages need to be implemented in the order above. There needs to be thinking about the process at hand and what leads to organisation understanding will be the use of; brain storming sessions, process flow diagrams and all sorts of visual aids to help people understand. Planning comes into play when the team looks at how well the process can be implemented  this is when the team/organisation is heading into active experimentaton looking at approaches that should work from a business area perspective. Once that is done the organisation needs to move towards proper implementation a more concrete understanding of the process model will be achieved based on the results which leads naturally to reflective observation. The team need to look at what worked and what didn’t and look to make the necessary improvements and be able to explain why they need to happen. It is also very important to set deadlines for when you want things to happen.